Thursday, March 30, 2006

Pindar and Channing Daughters Top Recent Vintage New York Visit

From time to time, I decide I am going to treat myself, and visit the always entertaining Vintage New York. This is a special place, and I always am very excited at a prospective trip here to this unique wine shop mecca.

I recently went about a week or so ago, and tasted six wines...and bought half case of wine.

First to report on was my mezmerizing experience with Channing Daughters 2004 Pinot Envy. This unique blend is 77% Pinot Noir and 23% Merlot. It's a unique blend. The Pinot adds the cherry and pepper, and the Merlot gives it enough classical structure to rate something higher than a traditional pinot. It's a fabulous marriage, medium body and wonderful mouthfeel. A very lovely wine. Great for luxurius sipping, or a great compliment to any number of dishes. This is a lovely wine to serve to friends.

Next on the list was the Channing Daughters 2003 Mudd, named after legendary vineyard manager Steve Mudd. It's a blend of 86% Cabernet Sauvignon, 12% Merlot, and 2% Blaufrankisch. It was grown in dirt in which the first 18" were silt loam, siltly clay for the next 18-24", and between 24" and 30" was a clay mixture. This medium bodied red was a dark, deep ruby-blood red, with fabulous cherries, plums, vanilla, and pepper all coming through. This was a lovely wine. A fabulous enterting wine for big meal such as roasted meats or heavy French or Italian dishes. This is a great new red heavyweight out on the Long Island scene. Mr. Mudd should be very proud to have his name on this bottle. A nice homage to an intrepid eastcoast pioneer.

As always, when I think of dessert, Pindar is a name that invariably comes to mind. This time I tried their 2001 Cabernet Sauvignon Port. This big, chewy new port is like mouthful of raisins and vanilla. Touches of oak and plum round out this wonderful new port, which instantly becomes one of the better ports on the whole eastcoast! A great accomplishment by the folks at Pindar. And the nice thing is, it's relatively young. Buy an extra bottle or two and lay it down for three or four will only get better! And a solid bargain to boot.