Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Kevin Zraly's American Wine Guide...Great News for Eastcoast Wineries

I was walking through the offices of my new job the other day, when I happened upon a great new book...Kevin Zraly's American Wine Guide. This is a small pocket guide packed with information. Zraly, and his Sterling Publishing editor Steve Magnuson, have done something incredibly brilliant - they have finally given small independent wineries their due.

Obviously, a large portion of the book is dedicated to California and the northwest, as it should be. But, the book is also chock-a-block with color labels from every state in the union, including Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusentts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, West Virginia, and New York.

In it he extols the most well know wineries in each state, and where the state ranks in terms of wine production, etc. While other pocket guides pretend to cover the smaller, independent wineries, in fact the do little. Here, for the first time, some one of Mr. Zraly's stature, has put together a colelction, if not complete, at least the highlights from every state. Virginia and New York especially get good coverage. It is a good start. Thank you Mr. Zraly! Absolutely the best American pocket wine guide in the US today. Congrats!

Zraly say that these are the "Wineries to look for in Neww York State:"

The Finger Lakes
Dr. Konstantin Frank
Fox Run
Standing Stone
Herman Weimer

The Hudson Valley
Clinton Vineyards

Long Island
Castello di Borghese (Hargrave)
Channing Daughters
Galluccio Estates

Kevin wrote of New York State..."The most significant developments are taking place on Long Island, which has experienced the fastest growth of new vineyards...the predominant use of Vitis vinifera varieties allows Long Isalnd wineries to compete more effectively in the world market.

He also remarked on the Hudson Valley, writing, "The Millbrook Winery in the Hudson Valley has shown that this region can produce world class wines - not only white, but red too, from such grapes as Pinot NOir and Cabernet Franc."