Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Howard G. Goldberg, New York Times, Call's Channing Daughters 2005 Sauvignon Blanc Best in Decade

Writing in the New York Times on March 5th, Howard G. Goldberg wrote, " THERE is good and bad news from Channing Daughters Winery. The good news is that its 2005 sauvignon blanc is one of the finest Long Island has produced in a decade and there is an ample supply — for now. The bad news is that its 2004 Meditazione, a mind-bogglingly complex seven-grape white blend, is sold out.

"The sauvignon blanc grapes in the Channing Perrine sauvignon ($18) came from vines planted at Mudd Vineyard, in Southold, in 1975; they are among the Island's oldest. (Perrine is Larry Perrine, the president and chief executive of the winery, in Bridgehampton.)"

"The sauvignon is a whirligig of tropical-fruit aromas and flavors, notably grapefruit, and of coconut notes and herbs... Sip after sip, the bright acidity zings the palate, cleansing it for the next appetite-sharpening round, while the soft texture caresses the palate."

Howard also said the Meditazione ($40) "helps define Long Island's high-stakes wines, took its cue from Italians' vino da meditazione — mediation wine, intended to appeal to the intellect and digestive system."

According to Mr. Goldberg, the winery only made 29 cases which were "immediately allocated to Channing Daughters'wine club and a few choosy New York restaurants, among them Bouley, Danube and Hearth. The 2006 vintage will yield 60 cases if nature cooperates." Lucky dogs.

Congratulations to Channing Daughters, and congrats to those lucky fe who get to try these lovely wines out!

see Howard G. Goldberg's columns in the New York Times.