Monday, March 13, 2006

Chateau Renaissance Peach Wine

It was a beautiful day last Wednesday in New York City. The first warm breezes of spring were winding their way through the cool city streets. Suddenly, over-coats were shed. T-shirts were shown off. Many people had a bright spark in their step as they passed through New York's many canyon-like blocks dappled with the intoxicating spring sun, and topped with hints of bright blue sky.

Being in lower, mid-town, I decided to walk down to Union Square. I was going for a nice walk when I suddenly realized the Farmer's Market was in full swing. And a flood of memories came rushing back at me, washing over me like the spring breezes themselves.

In my so called 'salad days', I used to come down to the Union Square Farmer's Market, entranced with the wholesome baked goods, fresh vegatables, and wines from New York State.

That was when I first fell in love with east coast wines. I remember tasting Fox Run and Hunt Country back when I was an assistant at Macmillan Publishing Company (back when it was still a going concern - before Robert Maxwell's evil hand felled the proud house), and I used to bring home, in the late 1980s and early 1990s bottles of their table reds and whites. The wines were inexpensive and fun, and fit within my budget and sense of supporting the budding New York wine business.

Thus, with this sense of romanticism, I approached the current fair at Uinon Square. There were many fine baked goods, as I had remembered, artisnal cheeses, jams, and heirloom vegetables and fruits. And low and behold there was a winery! Chateau Renaissance.

I approached the stand with rose colored glasses, admittedly. I was in a daring mood and tasted some of their fruit wines, in an attempt to harness my spring optimism. Low and behold, one grabbed me.

I bought several small bottles of Peach wine. The tasting notes say it brings visions of summer, and boy were they right. The bowl was filled with the smell of fresh, ripe peaches. And the taste was light and well balanced, sweet but with just enough acidity to make it mouthwatering.

A pleasant surpirse...a little promise of summer in a glass. I highly recommend this little bottle of wine as a great after dinner or sipping wine. Sweet, but light and fun, it is a summer treat, just waiting to help you break the winter doldrums. Have fun, and think of blue skies.