Sunday, December 18, 2005

Turdo Vineyards - One of My Favorite New Wineries

Dominique and I have been going to wineries all over the world. I've dragged the indefatiguable woman everywhere. The other day was one of those moments where we looked at each other, and remembered why we have such fun doing this.

We went to a small little winery named Turdo Vineyards. There we met Sal Turdo, his elegant wife Sara, and their lovavble dogs Bella and Bianca. They are a small little place outside Cape May. 5 acres, 6,000 vines, a nice house and a small barn. But there are nothing small about their wines. Some of their wines are only in their second vintage. Oh, my!!!

Where do we begin? The Chardonnay (we bought two bottles) and the Pinot Grigio were both excellent. We really loved the Pinor Grigio. They would be stellar anywhere else. But in this list, their memory easilly fades with the other wines to taste.

In one tasting, I can tell you one thing, Turis wines (the label you see when you buy the wines), easilly become one of the premiere red winemakers in the state.

The Nostrano, a red blend, is fantastic. Bright cherries up front. Darker fruit come through in waves. It's incredible! Easilly a top two or three red in the state. Maybe number 1.

The Syrah and the Merlot were also excellent!!! And the Cabernet Suavignon was outstanding. We bought two syrah, two merlot, and two Nostrano.

But here's the real surprise. Sal and Sara don't have any semi-dry or semi-sweet wines in their line. Everythign is dry and one.

Turis Moscato immediately becomes one of the two or three best dessert wines in the state. An elegant, deep honey colored white dessert wine, Moscato is honey, apricots, orangeblossoms, and fabulous acidity.

Sal pressures his grapes, culling bad bunches, constantly fussing with his vines, and planting them as closely s possible. He would rather do small volumes of wine and make good wine, than increase his numbers by volume.

Dominique and I went to the Christmas Candlelight Tour of Cape May, New Jersey. We then went to Freda's where Dominique had mouthwatering ribs and I had filet mignon au poivre. Each sip of the Nostrano was like a charm. The more we let it beathe, the better is got. After touring the many large, elegant, Victorian manisons on the holiday house tour o a cold, December night, it was incredible to snuggle into a small table with my wife, and sip these elegant wines.

Go, see Sara, Sal and the dogs. You will be thrilled. Dominique and I promise.

And say hello to Bella and Bianca.