Sunday, December 18, 2005

Cape May Winery Has Great New Facilities and Wines

Recently, my wife and I went to Cape May. For years, the elusive Cape May Winery was only available at a small number of restaurants. The winemaker and his family were not inetrested in selling their wines themselves, because the wines sold out through local eateries before they could figure out how to sell them from a barn or tastingroom.

Times have changed. They now do more than 4,500 cases per year and they have a new tastinging room and winemaking facility. It's an awe inspiring story of how a small, backyard winemaker became one of the biggest attractions of the region.

Of course, their most famous wine is their blush, which is very popular with the tourists who want a nice summer sipper during their visit to this very attractive region, and it also mkes a great souvenier to take home with you.

However, a funnything happened on the way to the beach. Cape May Winery started making some relly nice wines.

We really liked their Chardonnay Reserve. While many reserved oaks reek of too much oak and are relatively sweet. Cape May Chardonnay Reserve is a light chardonnay, with just a nice touch of oak, a light creamy mouthfeel, and a nice clean finish. One of the nicest reserve chards you'll find. We bought two bottles.

We then tasted the Merlot 2003 was easilly the wine I liked best. Bright cherry, with a slight hint of vanilla, and some small amount of pepper at the end. A nice dry finish. Excellent.

They are now making port, and their newest edition of their port is easilly one of the best ports in the state. The other would be the one from Unionville.

Now here's the fun part. For those of you who don't know, the same winemaker made both ports. Darren Hesington left the wonderful, warm environs of Unionville, and has banded together with Toby Craig, of Washington Inn fame, and the two are pushing Cape May to a whole new level. The new tasting room is fabulous and the wines are getting better and better.

If you are going down to Cape May, the Cape May Winery's offerings are served in most of the local area restaurants. And now, with the advent of the new facilities, you can have a lot of fun at th winery itself. It's beautiful, and a great spot for parties, bridal showers, and/or weddings.

Stop on down.

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