Monday, October 10, 2005

Macari Vineyards – A Triple Surprise

Macari Vineyards has made some wonderful wines over the years, and I have long been a fan of Bergen Road, one of their signature wines. Bergen Road has long been one of the stars of east coasts reds. But they make more wines than just that one.

I started a recent tasting with their 2004 Sauvignon Blanc. The nose was lemony and bright. Bright notes of green apple and citrus were high on the palate. It was fruity and crisp, with a nice dry, finish. A very nice sauvignon blanc.

Next up for me was the 2003 Cabernet Franc. This is a 100% cabernet franc estate wine. There was a wonderful nose full of cherries. As I drank, both bright cherries and darker fruits came through. It was a wonderful mouthful of mixed dark berries, with nice acidity and a nice dry finish. This was a wonderful red, perfect with chicken, pork, or much darker meats. It was also a nice wine for sipping or with a plate of cheeses. A very nice experience.

Lastly, I was curious to try the Block E, their late harvest desert wine. This edition was another wonderful surprise. The nose and mouth were filled with notes of honey, apricot, melon, and apple. It had wonderful acidity and excellent mouthfeel. Never too sweet, nor cloying, this was a well-balanced wine, that was a mouthful of desert in a glass. Wow!

Hats off to the folks at Macari!!