Sunday, September 18, 2005

White Whites? Don't Put Your Whites Away Until Next Summer

So many poeple are so dedicated to the age old proverbs of fashion and food....whites get pulled out after Memorial Day and get put back the first tuesday after Labor Day. Even with the plethora of advisors who have extolled the virtues of ignoring such blather, people continue to do so. Don't follow convention.

At the afore mentioned Hudson Valley Wine Festival (see previous entry) we drank many wines. And we discovered some great, inexpensive summer whites. These were fruity but dry inexpensive whites, that go great with salads, chicken, fish, grilled vegatables, pasta dishes. And you don't only have to drink them in summer.

We discovered one new white we liked very much.... Ravines House White. Ravines is a Finger Lake winery, based on the east side of Keuka Lake, in Hammondsport, New York.

The 2004 House White only cost $8.95. it is an off-dry blend of "Cayuga and Vignoles with vibrant fruit flavors of honeydew, pear and apple," according to the winery. It finsihed light and crisp and was delicious. We had a bottle on our deck with some fresh tomatoes, some cheese and a baguette. Excellent!!!

Another white we liked was Tickle Hill Cayuga White. The 2003 bottle goes for $8.95 and won Best of Class and Double Gold at the New York State Food & Wine Classic. It's grapfruit-y, with lots of good fruit up front on the nose and on the palette, but a fabulous dry finsih. The label is puckish and good natured, but what's inside is a a great, sophisticated pleasure.

We also loved the Alison Seyval Blanc. Seyval Blanc 2004. Green apple and lemon, and a touch of honeysuckle, this is a stainless steel delight. A fabulous suprise. A wonderful mouthful of summer in a bottle. And it's a bargin at $12.95.

These wines are great with all kinds of food. Don't relegate your "summer whites" to the back og your whine closet because the calander has turned. Show your an iconoclast...serve some whites this fall...and look, feel, and live like a trendsetter. Go on with your bad self...and let those other folks live their boring, stright-jacket lives.