Friday, September 19, 2014

THE VALLEY TABLE: Spirited Apples

In the September-November 2014 The Valley Table magazine, there's an article entitled Spirited Apples by Timothy Buzinski and Robin Cherry. It's a fabulous article about Apple Jack and the other exciting distilled products being made from apples in the Hudson Valley. Really terrific.!

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The Valley Table magazine: Hudson Valley Ciders

The September-November 2014 issue of The Valley Magazine has a tremendous article on the changing apple cider landscape in the Hudson Valley. An excellent story. One everyone should read. It covers only the major players, but such a tory would take too much time to involve every player on the stage. An excellent article!!! Congrats to the people at Valley Table!

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THE VALLEY TABLE Lauds Taste Camp 2014 in the Hudson Valley

Taste Camp 2014 will be held in the Hudson Valley. This is a very exciting thing. And many people want to be involved. Writers and bloggers from around the country will descend on the Hudson Valley for two-and-a-half days, and sample the best wines, spirits, and ciders of the region. It is both an honor and a opportunity to showcase the quality products that are being made in the Hudson Valley. Very exciting.